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The Gathering Storm

A First War Roleplaying Game

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As of February 17th, this game is closed. Love to the readers and players alike. It's been wonderful.


The Wizarding World is in a state of upheaval as Lord Voldemort's power grows; the Order of the Phoenix has already formed, and already some of the brightest, most talented wizards and witches of the time have joined forces under Dumbledore's (sometimes dodgy) guidance, even as the Death Eaters grow increasingly bold.

Driven into action, people begin to take sides, all the while working to carve out a measure of joy for themselves... and, succeed or fail, life has certainly become interesting for them.

Welcome to The Gathering Storm, a First War Harry Potter RPG.

To follow the game:
Journals only.
The Newspapers and Magazines
The Communities
Or simply use any Friends page (Communities will watch each other and themselves, as well as the journals.)

The Gathering Storm follows real-time, so if it's February 14th to us, it's it is to the characters as well, though in a different year of course.
The Gathering Storm - Website

Character List
Alice Tenniel - gryffindoraroar Andromeda Tonks - chained_beauty Antonin Dolohov - shadowgentleman Barty Crouch Jr - devoted_son
Bellatrix Black- lafleurnoire Bertha Jorkins- borkins Dorcas Meadowes- meadowesofpeace Evan Rosier- virulentthorn
Fabian Prewett- thebyliner Frank Longbottom- aurorbyknight Gideon Prewett- smokeandash Gilderoy Lockhart- simply_charming- OPEN!
Glenda Chittock- wwn_witch_hour Grainne Rosmerta - hosmeade_rose James Potter- goodboyprongs Lily Evans -
Lucius Malfoy -
Marlene McKinnon -
Narcissa Malfoy - mal_noir_foi Peter Pettigrew - peteringout - OPEN!
Rabastan LeStrange - loyaltyofsnakes Regulus Black - outoftheshadow Remus J. Lupin- thedrowningmoon Rita Skeeter - idealconfidante
Rodolphus LeStrange - mal_pur Severus Snape - thepotionmaster Sibyll Trelawney - seersibyll - OPEN! Sirius Black- bargestoflondon

Albus Dumbledore - moresocksplease Lord Voldemort - crawlbeforeme Daily Prophet - prophet_today The Quibbler - quibblewibble
Witch Weekly - witchweekly

Other Communities
Death Eaters - we_the_masked Order of the Phoenix - we_who_rise
Owlery - tgs_owlery(Friends-locked)