February 1st, 2004

What's that on the ceiling?

Can hardly contain myself!

Oh Merlin's beard! I'm so excited I can hardly keep my quill still (so I'll apologise now for the bad handwriting)! This is seriously, seriously great stuff!

I got the job!

Got the owl last night, but I didn't read it until this morning. This is fantastic!
Right, well if you'll excuse me, I have some owls to send and a shoddy bar job to resign from.
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TOO amusing


Because I am so pathetic that my life revolves around whatever sad little jobs may or may not have me, I find myself in need of writing that I HAVE ONE OH HOW LUCKY I AM!


Really, the lot of you ought to get something better to live for. Although... I am referring to mutts and mudbloods, so I suppose there isn't much.