January 19th, 2004

Let's change the subject

Another year older...

Well then. The day has not yet ended but I think I will take a moment to say, you are all insane. Clearly, I cannot tell people not to make a fuss without their immediately going on and making one. Perhaps if I'd said to make one, I would have been left alone?

But really this isn't meant for a complaint. I thank all of you for your attention and gifts. And, for those who are wondering:

From my mum, a photobook and a number of french pastries which I know from sight, yet not by name. Madame Lupin, it seems, carries her home in her heart, or at least in her kitchen.

And of course, from Sirius, a new quill (to replace the one vanquished most mercilessly by Augustus,) most delicious chocolates (Birthdays are, I think, a scheme to put a bit of bulk on my - to be charitable - slim frame) and a Book of Everchanging Stories. Which I most love. Sirius, you never cease to amaze me.

I also received a book on astronomy, which was an interesting choice.

James, Lily, I welcome you visit tomorrow, but insist that you do not bring a gift.

And again, I thank you for being so kind.
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