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Can hardly contain myself!

Oh Merlin's beard! I'm so excited I can hardly keep my quill still (so I'll apologise now for the bad handwriting)! This is seriously, seriously great stuff!

I got the job!

Got the owl last night, but I didn't read it until this morning. This is fantastic!
Right, well if you'll excuse me, I have some owls to send and a shoddy bar job to resign from.
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It can't be...are you...?

What job did you get?
Well thats sort of

Well, it depends on what job you got.
Seems the same one as you. Monday at 8am sharp?
It certainly looks like it! Merlin knows how I'm going to get up though.
I'll have to get up at 6:30 and no later. My job only has me waking up at 8. Speaking of, leaving will be a pleasure.

But Merlin why am I complaining again?
Tell me about it! I don't do early mornings! Yes leaving will be so good. No more drunk-to-the-ears warlocks trying to peer down my robes. Which I can tell you, I will not miss.

Didn't I tell you? 'Good things come...'
...quite the coincidence, isn't it, yourself and James.

Thank you Remus. It seems James and I have gotten the same job, which is actually rather a large coincidence!
Dorcas, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's really fantastic!

And keep an eye on my fiance, would you? Haha.
Thank you! It really is fantastic!

Haha. Will do Lils, will do.