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Another year older...

Well then. The day has not yet ended but I think I will take a moment to say, you are all insane. Clearly, I cannot tell people not to make a fuss without their immediately going on and making one. Perhaps if I'd said to make one, I would have been left alone?

But really this isn't meant for a complaint. I thank all of you for your attention and gifts. And, for those who are wondering:

From my mum, a photobook and a number of french pastries which I know from sight, yet not by name. Madame Lupin, it seems, carries her home in her heart, or at least in her kitchen.

And of course, from Sirius, a new quill (to replace the one vanquished most mercilessly by Augustus,) most delicious chocolates (Birthdays are, I think, a scheme to put a bit of bulk on my - to be charitable - slim frame) and a Book of Everchanging Stories. Which I most love. Sirius, you never cease to amaze me.

I also received a book on astronomy, which was an interesting choice.

James, Lily, I welcome you visit tomorrow, but insist that you do not bring a gift.

And again, I thank you for being so kind.
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Oh sure mate, we'll just show up empty handed. Hey, look there's a cow flying outside your window!
I'm not sure you've earned that sarcasm.
...You're supposed to earn sarcasm?
Yes. Three good deeds for each sarcastic comment, five when directed at one's mates.
Hahaha, all right, I'll keep that in mind for tomorrow.
I think that's more unearned sarcasm, actually.
Oi! Honest to Merlin, that was.
Words cannot describe my skepticism.
Astronomy? From who? I didn't get you that.

You're not allowed to buy yourself presents, mate!

...D'you think your mum'll mind if I have some of those little biscuit things?
I don't get myself presents.

As for my mother, I really couldn't say but help yourself even so. They are mine now, after all.
So where'd it come from? Did Gus buy it for you?

She might've done something to them! They could have an anti-Sirius charm, I don't know.
I don't think she dislikes you that much.
Yes she does.

Oi, Remus! Where did the book come from?
No she doesn't, don't be silly.
Who sent that book, Remus?
It doesn't matter, Sirius. And this isn't the sort of thing we ought to discuss in public.